Toca 10″ Mechanically Tuned Freestyle Djembe (Bali Red)


Toca 10″ Mechanically Tuned Freestyle Djembe (Bali Red)

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Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell with a wrapped finish and a traditional goatskin head, this hand drum offers all the landmark tonal qualities of traditional wooden djembes.

From resonant bass tones to penetrating slaps, this drum speaks in many tones and functions well in many settings. The djembe’s low mass tuning system allows fast, accurate tuning that stays in place.

Protective rubber bottom and tips on tuning lugs protect your floor’s finish.

Take your Toca Freestyle Djembe anywhere from beaches to deserts to mountain tops.

Don’t let the weight of traditional djembes drag you down.

Perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages. Bali Red design on the wrap.


Series Freestyle
Type Djembe
Head Size 10″
Composition Synthetic
Instrument Djembes (Mech Tuned)
Head Natural Hide