Nux WK-310 88 Key Digital Piano


Nux WK-310 88 Key Digital Piano

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Nux WK-310 88 Key Digital Piano

The WK-310 is the perfect choice for your first piano. The sampling of the grand piano tone is from a Steinway nine feet grand piano with five dynamic levels. The 88 keys keyboard with four dynamic curves Sensitive reaction never miss any slight change of the finger press.
The WK-310 is very compact in size.
It is suitable for the living space.
The recording and metronome functions can help the beginner for easy practice.
Except the grand piano tone, there are also more than 120 tones to choose. Beyond that, the dual-keyboard, dual-voice and other functions can add more fun to practice.
Soft Pedal(Left), Damper Pedal(Middle), Sustain Pedal(Right).
Colour: Black

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