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Nux Cerberus Multi FX- A Fantastic Beast

If you're like me, then guitar effects pedals are the holy grail of tone. We're always looking for the next best thing. Well, look no further than the awesome NUX Cerberus Multi FX pedal. This powerhouse of tone is a mighty integrated effects and controller unit for the modern guitarist. The interface offers a range…
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You can’t beat the Ludwig Pocket Kit

Parents are always at a loss when their kid wants a drum set. What do they buy? What accessories do they need? It's a brave new world they are venturing into and they need all the help they can get to get their child rocking out. That's where the Questlove's Pocket Kit by Ludwig comes…
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Nux WK310

A perfect home always contains artistic and cultural decoration elements. Enter the NUX WK-310.This popular digital piano comes with a low-profile and stylish design which has the right look for any home. The dulcet piano tones are sampled from a Steinway nine foot grand piano, amongst many others, and each tone has 5 dynamic levels…
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Stageman Floor Pedal

The Nux Stageman Floor pedal is the follow up release to the hugely popular Nux Stageman Amplifier. This versatile pedal has all the features the modern acoustic guitarist needs. Of course the sensitive 3 band parametric equaliser is there, but this pedal offers so much more. This analogue acoustic preamp offers built in chorus and…
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The Universal Timpani Range – By Adams Percussion

Adams is a name that has become synonymous with high quality brass and percussion instruments worldwide. The Universal Timpani range by Adams carries on this legacy by offering a fiberglass timpani range for concert and educational use. Featuring the standard pedal mechanism for tuning, the drum can be perfectly pitched quickly and easily. A fine…
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