Flanger Crush 8w Amplifier

Flanger Crush 8w Amplifier


Flanger Crush 8w Amplifier

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Flanger Crush 8w Amplifier

The 8 - watt Crush Amplifier has six Pre - amp models in the distortion channel,  and a Mic input with a volume control, a 2 channel amplifier with 6.5" speaker and a headphones output.The analog preamp gives you that warm tube sound.

The tow channels, Clean and Distortion, can be switched via a foot switch. The distortion channel has six amplifier models: BOOST, BLUES ,CRUNCH, SCOOP, METAL and SOLO. Add to these 6 effects to choose from,two can be used together: CHORUS,FLANGER, ECHO, DELAY, ROOM and HALL.



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